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Araucaria plant, 120 cm

Araucaria plant, 120 cm
Araucaria plant, 120 cm

Plant height with flowerpot - 120 cm.

High araucaria is a favorite houseplant. In winter, the plants are stored in a bright room up to + 10 ° C, older in a temperature up to + 5 ° C, in a well-ventilated room. They need to be watered with soft, steady water. In winter very moderately, in summer abundant but not watered. If the humidity in the room is less than 70%, the plants should be sprayed more often. When the frost dries, the branches bend or even turn yellow. Young plants are transplanted every 1-2 years, older ones less often. Do not reduce the fruiting, store the roots. Pots are selected only 1-2 cm larger.

Plants are planted in a mixture of soil (leaf or heather, peat, loam, coarse sand - in equal parts) with good drainage on the bottom of the pot. After transplanting watered, temporarily shaded or placed in a darker place.

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