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Fertilizers for plants

Instructions for useGreen garden soap is made from potassium fatty acids - a long-known remedy. It is used for the care of the garden, orchard and ornamental plants against adverse environmental factors.USESpray the plants every 14 days to completely wet the stems and the upper and lower sides ..
Instructions for useLoose succinic acidWidely used as a plant care product:watering, for spraying, for soaking roots or seeds and in the crop, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, for the preparation of various solutions,suitable for all plants.Succinic acid increases the..
Instructions for use100% organic-vegan, biologically active fertilizer for indoor, balcony and outdoor plants. Especially suitable for growing herbs, vegetables and berries. Promotes healthy, strong growth and flowering, strengthens the immune system of plants, protects plants from stress,..
Instructions for useBalanced, top-quality fertilizer with all the macro- and microelements needed by plants. For fertilizing all plants: flowers, roses, vegetables, trees, shrubs, lawns and all other plants in the garden, orchard, greenhouse or home. Promotes strong, full growth and flower..
Instructions for useBalanced top quality fertilizer for flowering plants, all flowering and ripening plants. Promotes faster and abundant flowering, healthy and compact growth, flower brightness, color saturation, strengthens plant roots. These uniquely composed fertilizers lead to the for..
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