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Equador Red roses

Equador Red roses
Equador Red roses

All cut flowers are sourced from the Netherlands and added three times a week - on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The flowers are shown may vary slightly as the flowers are a natural product. 

Recommendations for storing cut flowers: cut flowers are delivered in a package, so after receiving them, immediately immerse them in fresh water and change it every couple of days. During the water change, the dishes need to be washed thoroughly to stop the growth of bacteria and to remove the already accumulated bacteria. Store in a cool environment. The flowers will last longer if you cut the stems diagonally. We recommend that you do not place flowers near heaters (radiators, stoves, air conditioners, etc.), or store them in drafts or in direct sunlight. All this is the reason for the wilting of the flowers. In hot air or in a room heated by central heating, it is recommended to spray the flowers with water. Every few days it is necessary to cut the stems of long-standing flowers, constantly removing the withered leaves.

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