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Milk chocolate with exploding sugar and mango - unique sensations and a discovery for those with a sweet tooth. This small bar of chocolate will not only allow you to enjoy yourself, recover your strength, but also guarantee a good mood!..
Dark chocolate (55%) with waffles and strawberries, 25 gDark chocolate with a classic taste, topped with crunchy sweet and sour strawberry granules and wafers. This small chocolate bar is perfect for those who are in a hurry and want to enjoy and quickly recover their strength, and at the same time,..
Milk chocolate with salty caramel is a duo of mild sweetness and subtle saltiness. This small chocolate bar is perfect for those who are in a hurry and want to quickly recover their strength and good mood!..
Sweet-sour freeze-dried raspberry granules and rice chips are a special taste duo. These additives give milk chocolate uniqueness and provide unforgettable taste sensations...
Black and white mint-flavored chocolate with cranberry seeds will surprise you with its elegant appearance, crispness and fresh and unexpected taste...
Not only is it a great, classic dark chocolate treat, it's also a great, meaningful gift. This chocolate contains at least 50% cocoa solids...
Sweet milk chocolate with refreshing mango granules is an ideal choice for those with a sweet tooth. From now on, you will find chocolate in a package with a playful design, which is convenient to carry. The package contains 4 colors of labels with different characters and wishes: "Smile!", "Be brav..
Soft melting dark chocolate (55%) with almonds, hazelnuts, dried pineapple chunks and large red raisins accentuating and complementing the flavor..
The product consists of 80% marzipan with as much as 52% almonds. Marzipan is coated with high quality chocolate containing 55% cocoa solids...
Freeze-dried strawberries with white chocolate are the perfect combination for those looking for a unique dessert. Sweet and sour strawberry and rich white chocolate stand out for their perfectly combined taste and aroma..
Dark chocolate with oranges and sea salt "Secret love" - ​​a flavor that tells a royal love story. Chocolate contains 75% cocoa solids...
Crunchy peanuts with an expressive taste of dark chocolate. They are given crispness and playfulness by 4 pastel colors, the dyes of which are extracted from vegetable raw materials. Cocoa solids in chocolate - 55%...
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