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Aged silver vase.Size: 22x28x21Weight 1.2 Kg..
Aged silver vase.Size: 23x27x20Weight 1 Kg..
A pot with a round base and a shape resembling a tulip.It is made of glazed ceramics, and the rim is made of electrolytically coated (galvanized) ceramics - so they reflect the environment as if in a mirror.The pot is intended for storing orchids (standard size of a plastic production pot).Of course..
Oval shapeCeramic materialLength 25 cmProduct width 16 cmShades of green, yellow and gold..
Material - glass, ceramicsColor - green???? The flower pot is made of glazed ceramics and covered with high-quality mirror gold glass. The edge is made of electrolytically coated ceramics, so the Kotarbau product is completely smooth and reflects the environment like a mirror. It is distinguished by..
Dimensions:Width: 15 cmHeight: 32 cmLength: 45 cmColor: white, silver, mirror, glossy finish..
Ceramic vase, decorated with birds, for soaking gels.Size: 16 x 12 cm.Color: green..
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